Personal Training


Home personal training

In the comfort of your own home, I can tailor an entire program from end to end, developed entirely around your own ability, timescale and life schedule.

From workout plans, diet and nutrition advice and one-on-one motivational encouragement, I can honestly say this is one of my favourite ways to train.

With no concern about who is watching or what to do in the sea of weights and machines in the gym.. this is an amazing way to build confidence, to improve your general fitness and shed those excess pounds.

This is also a perfect option for people who have less time, as it takes minimal effort to get home and get changed! I will bring all equipment needed for a great session.. all you need to do is be in when I knock on the door!


GyM (pRIVATE sTUDIO) personal training

The gym doesn't have to be scary! Having me by your side as a personal trainer will ease you in gently as a beginner in a totally new environment, show you how to use the equipment correctly bit-by-bit and give you a simple plan to follow.

It may be you already go to the gym, but just don't have a solid plan and need some guidance... Or you might already be strong & fit and just want to really see what your body can do when it's pushed to its limits!

Whatever your goals or fitness level, I can help you get stronger, fitter and leaner using new and exciting training techniques to keep you (and your body) guessing. 

Based at Hero Fitness, Heaton Lane, SK4 1AQ, we have all the equipment and none of the crowds! 



Working on core strength, toning and inch loss, this is an amazing class to develop strength in muscles you didn't know you even had. 
Also helping with balance, coordination and having a healthy mind, this is a great way to train at home or in the studio. Becoming evermore popular, this is available on a private 1-2-1 basis as well as group classes.

Pilates is for all fitness levels, and is designed to focus on target toning isolated muscle groups and strengthening the core for stronger, healthier bodies improving our posture.

Power Pilates is a step up from a usual Pilates session at a more intermediate level, using dynamic movements and again strengthening the core for stronger, healthier bodies. This will be a little more intense than Pilates but still accommodates for all fitness levels.


Everyone gets to a point where they want to make changes in their lives.

Whether that be weight loss, improving strength & body tone,
getting a positive boost & feeling better about yourself,
or just making changes to your lifestyle to be healthier & fitter.

I can design a plan specifically for you to get you to your goal weight
or body shape and most importantly of all - maintain it!