Corporate Wellness



Aimed to bring simple health and fitness practices in to the workplace, this is the perfect way to:

Increase staff retention and
decrease staff sickness levels.

These tailored days are a proven way to help employees become
more aware of their general health and fitness
both at work and home, which only means good things for employers:

- better productivity and concentration levels

- lower sickness rates in high pressure environments

- higher retention rates - employees having a fun place to work!

- team building and rapport between departments

- increase in employee engagement

- enhanced corporate & social values

- and most importantly, healthier and happier staff!


Each wellness day is designed in line with your workplace, employees and business day.

All sessions are broken down into short & sweet 15 minute blocks, to avoid any disruption to your operation. 

Whether warehouse, large office or small business - I can design a day aimed to educate, de-stress and have some fun.

Options available are: 

Introduction & Welcome Breakfast

Morning Stretch Sessions

Short Workout Sessions

Nutrition & General Health Presentation

Smoothie Desk Deliveries

Healthy Lunch - with recipes to take home

Pilates Sessions

Creativity Stations

Mindfulness & Meditation

Healthy Living Take Home Packs

Outdoor activities:

Employee Sports Day & BBQ

Football & Tennis based team building activities

Outdoor team building activity days

Something you DON'T see? Just ask!

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Aramex international (manchester and heathrow)

Pennington choices (Warrington and bromley)

manchester college (city centre)

hsbc (Liverpool)

Exercise was made fun, gelling with people which made it a great experience, it broke the day up from the office which made the day better and lack of square eyes! Lauren, this is a 10 out of 10 day!”

”I would like to do this again, I found it beneficial and it made me speak to people in other departments that I never spoken to before, it was great company integration. More departments need to get involved.


A study was taken during a week long leadership development program. As part of the program, participants started the day early with exercise – yoga, walking, or strength training.

After a few days, the feedback was that the participants who were ‘working out’ early, were more focused and engaged; they did not experience the 2pm afternoon slump; and they retained more concepts compared to another class participating in the exact same program only without the morning exercise. Exercise improves your alertness, focus and ultimately improves your job performance.


Aramex UK Family Sports Day

Aramex UK Family Sports Day

In a University of Georgia randomised controlled trial, researchers split people into three groups – low-intensity, moderate-intensity and a control group (no exercise). During the six week experiment, both exercise groups reported growing levels of energy compared to the control group. And, the good news, the low-intensity group reported less fatigue than the moderate intensity group.


People who are physically active score better on cognitive tests than people living a sedentary lifestyle. In a clinical trial it was proven that there was a clear link between physical fitness, brain function and reduced stress levels at work.

The lead researcher said, that there was a marked improvement in the employee’s mood and cognition from the exercise group with the exercising group showing a four percent increase in overall brain function. When your brain is performing at full capacity, you can focus, concentrate,
and make better decisions, all essential if you are going to be
more effective and efficient.


When you exercise, you are uncomfortable; but, you keep going. You walk to the end of the street, you do another rep or you run just one more minute. Being productive and getting work done at times is just really about pushing yourself to finish that sentence, make that phone call and be slightly uncomfortable. Exercise trains you on how you choose to work through discomfort.

Exercise is the secret sauce of highly effective, productive people.

Sources : John Medina, author of Brain Rules; Body-Brain Performance Institute in association with Swinburne’s University and Brain Sciences Institute